What is the format?

'Behes' follows a free-flowing format in which three speakers make up a team and every speaker gets a maximum of four minutes to speak. There are no interjections, points of information or rebuttals allowed outside the allocated four minutes. The preparation time allowed before every debate is 15 minutes. The debaters are allowed to access the internet or refer to any other sources in this time. Every Behes round is held in a knock-out format, with a certain number of top teams at every tournament qualifying for the season finals (Maha Behes) , which are held every New Year's!

How old do I have to be to participate?

There are two age divisions ; Cubs (9-13 years) and Lions (14 years and above). The two age divisions compete separately at each event, including the season finals. Participants must carry their school ID to confirm their ages. Please note that the participant's ages on tournament day will be taken into account to determine their divisions.

Can I participate if my school isn't?

Yes, we allow teams to register as individual delegations as well. Non- school delegations are fairly common at Behes events, and we also allow mixed or cross-school teams to participate. Just pick a team name and register for an event near you!

How does one prepare for a tournament?

Behes debates are unique in that all the motions are derived out of an eclectic reading (and viewing list that is refreshed every few months. The themes covered in this list will be the basis for the motions unveiled at our tournaments. Read, watch, think and research.

What is the 'Maha Behes'?

The Maha Behes is our labour of love to the community-held around New Year's every year. It is a platform for the top teams from every round to face off against each other and to crown one final Champion Team at the end of the season. The Maha Behes is larger in scale than most other Behes events-and it closes every year with the New Year's Ball, an evening of fun, DJ's and dancing!