How to Behes :

A 'Behes' debate flows in the following manner :

1: The adjudicator flips the coin to decide the proposition and opposition team before announcing the motion. 2: The adjudicator will announce the motion and give 15 minutes to both the teams to prepare their arguments. Participants are allowed to use any kind of device (mobiles, laptops etc.), the internet or reading material in any form during this preparation time. 3: After 15 minutes, the first speaker from the proposition team (for the motion) will come forward and present his/her arguments. S/he can speak for 3-4 minutes. The adjudicator will tap once when 3 minutes are over and twice after 4 minutes. Any arguments presented beyond this time won't be considered, however the speaker can complete his/her sentence after the tap. 4: After a gap of 60 seconds the first speaker from the opposition team will come forward and speak. 5: In this way, speakers from each team will speak alternately with a gap of 1 minute between each speaker. 6: The adjudicator will announce the winner at the end of the debate after all the speakers have spoken, and the scores have been tabulated.

Rules :

1. Each speaker can speak only for 4 minutes. 2. Any kind of electronic device cannot be used after the preparation time is over. However use of notebooks is permitted while speaking. 3. A preparation time of 60 seconds will be given after each speaker. 4. The adjudicator is not allowed to give her/his feedback after the debate. 5. The adjudicator's decision is the final decision.

Scoring Criteria :

Every speaker in every debate is scored separately on three criteria- a. Matter (Content) :- What was the actual argument(s) presented by the speaker? Were any actual examples, facts or studies stated? If so, how relevant were they? b. Manner (Presentation) :- How good was the speaker's body language and poise? How well did s/he maintain eye contact? Did she/he use their voice and well? c. Method(Structure) :- Were the speaker's arguments structured in a way that they were easy to understand? Was every point elaborated sufficiently? Did the speaker's rebuttals flow naturally?

Note :

Every tournament is held in a knock-out format with one winner (and one best speaker) emerging at the end of two days. All our adjudicators have been trained in the finer points of this format of debate.